Harnessing the Strategic Novelty in Global Forex Exchange Market

Choosing your investment partner, the answer to this question is, perhaps, the main one for making a decision. Therefore, on this page we will answer all possible questions that may arise, covering both work principles and about the company Oxis Group itself.

Who are we?

We are a team of very different people, both in our professional and in our psycho-emotional level. Members of our expert group work not only in different countries, but also on different continents, in different time zones, in different national cultures. At the same time, we have a common feature - focus on results, yes, we go to the goal in different ways, yes, we use different methods to work in the investment market and Forex, but the concentration of all efforts for the highest efficiency is the basis of our competencies.

Our competencies.

Many years ago, while starting to work at exchange markets, technological innovations usage was making it easier for a broker to work, but the effect was not significant. Today, business technological security is a prerequisite for successful work. Understanding this postulate, we initially relied not only on economic knowledge, but also on the technical equipment of our company. Oxis Group Technical Development Department constantly monitors new technologies and tools that appear at stock markets. Currently, in collaboration with our partners, we have completed the development of a platform based on artificial intelligence. It allows not only to choose effectively investment packages for current investment activities, but also to develop strategic directions, thereby ensuring effective long-term planning in the company.

Company structure.

The company has linear structure. It means that each group working in a certain direction (Forex, investments, trust management) is absolutely independent in choosing its work strategy. At the same time, information exchange between groups is made directly without any add-ons. This allows you to respond quickly to any, both positive and negative changes occurring in world markets. Besides, our brokers are not bound by the need to coordinate each step with higher departments, which ensures their constant presence at the peak of the market and makes it possible to get the maximum profit “today”, since “tomorrow” may be too late.

The main function of the company’s top management is strategic planning and distribution of financial flows both between markets and directions, highlighting priority ones.

Such a business scheme allows both to increase investment profitability, and also to minimize the risks from operating activities.

Members of the company

The Oxis Group team is made up of professionals operating around the world. The main criterion for a member of our company is being focused on final result, that is, all the activities of both our entire team and each individual employee are projected on effectiveness. The company’s management in no case approves of work schemes that can cause damage (intentional or accidental) to our customers. Each member of the company is a narrow, but high-class specialist in their field, and groups are formed, based on the competencies of each employee, and work in its own segment. Every three months, an expert company audits work of our groups, and the company's management adjusts the work direction based on such findings.

The customer support service provides not only full advice on working with the portal and doing business, but is also ready to give general advice on investment issues and on working at Forex. Using the latest technical achievements, we provide complete processing of our customers' requests and qualified assistance in the shortest possible time.

The company's technical service ensures uninterrupted operation of all the company's services 24/7/365, and is ready to eliminate accidents or malfunctions that may occur on the servers or data centers of Oxis Group as soon as possible.

Technical Monitoring Service conducts daily analysis of new technical solutions that appear at the market, and also develops its own solutions that not only automate business processes, but also reduce investment risks thanks to exact tactical and strategic planning.

Our scheme of effective asset management of our investors, based on a combination of the employees’ competencies and modern technical achievements, creates a reliable foundation with various types of optimal solutions in the field of investment and Forex.

All the above mentioned makes Oxis Group a good choice for you as your investment partner. So we have all the criteria and tools to ensure that your online investment is not only highly profitable, but also safe.

If you have any questions about our company, contact the customer service department: support@oxisgroup.com or leave a request via the feedback form in the Contacts menu.