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Terms Acceptance

Starting work with the oxisgroup.com web portal and all services provided by the Oxis Group of companies, you accept these terms and conditions, including future changes and additions. If you do not accept the conditions or disagree with the privacy policy, your cooperation with Oxis Group will be impossible.

Privacy policy

The company's security system conducts continuous monitoring of network traffic to exclude attempts of unauthorized information change, false information access or publication. Such a set of measures allows us to ensure the safety of our customers while working with the portal. In cases of possible abuse detection or unlawful actions, such cases may be referred to the competent authorities. Attempts to hack or modify information at our portal are strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted in accordance with local and international laws.

Acceptable Use and Behavior Rules

You are fully responsibility for work at the Oxis Group portal, as well as for your data and personal information safety that you use while working. You accept the conditions of Oxis Group and its partners exemption from liability from any costs and risks arising during the work with the portal.

The Oxis Group portal and related services are available to you, your business or your customers, both for personal and commercial use. Moreover, such use shall comply with international law and not violate the third parties rights.

Any unauthorized use of the Oxis Group services using malicious software and other methods of such a type is violation of these Terms and Conditions, as well as international laws and may result in prosecution.

Warranties and representations

The Oxis Group service is provided "as is", the portal itself and the services associated with it guarantee non-interference in users' data without their consent, as well as the data and personal information on the company's servers safety. The company ensures uninterrupted service operation, with an exception of periods of routine activities and servers maintenance. Oxis Group provides a high level of security for its customers for risks minimization that might inevitably arise during the work.

Liability Limitation

Under no circumstances Oxis Group shall be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, indirect or punitive damages (including, without limitation, loss of use, profit loss or data loss), regardless of whether being done in a contract (including in unawareness) , objective or other reasons arising or related to the use or inability to use this site or its materials or arising as a result of illegal access or change of information.

Anti-Spam Policy

Oxis Group prohibits personal and other user data collection, as well as service usage for any information collection about subscribers or customers of the company, including, but not limited to, information about email addresses that are private and confidential information. Cooperation with the Oxis Group portal is governed by the Privacy Policy and these Terms of Use.

Oxis Group prohibits any attempt to use the portal services that may cause problems or harm both the company and its customers, or partners who only decide to work with Oxis Group.

In cases when the Oxis Group security service detects that the company's customers or subscribers are engaged in illegal actions by collecting personal data, it can, without notice, take any action at its discretion. Including blocking data exchange with a specific Internet domain, mail server or IP address. Oxis Group also reserves the right to block any account if it is associated with any unauthorized letters that violate the current agreement.

Under no circumstances does Oxis Group gives a right to transmit or send unauthorized emails to customers and subscribers of the company to third parties. Noncompliance with this policy, in each case, leads to cooperation refusal and account block at our portal.

Illegal use of the portal for sending unsolicited letters results in administrative, civil or criminal sanctions against persons involved in such activities.

Withdrawal policy

Your main deposit (investment) is automatically transferred to your balance and these funds are available for withdrawal any time right when investment period is over.

If you have questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, please contact our customer service department: support@oxisgroup.com or leave a request through the feedback form in Contacts menu.