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Attention. Oxis Group is Hiring.

Icon time29 May

Good evening everyone, or good afternoon, or maybe it's the night time for some. The reason we address you in such a manner is because we want to reach all residents through out the world with a great opportunity to earn large amounts of money. Just recently we have developed a program that will help you to be involved into expanding Oxis Group clients base. Opportunity offers 10-3%-1%(up to 20%-3%-1%) from every investor, just in your pocket. As you may already guessed it is a "Regional Representative" position, that you have all rights to participate in if you feel confident and qualified. Please take a look at some advantages and responsibilities:

1. You must understand the services that we offer, fully. You must be able to explain to your potential investors how our plans operate and how they can make an investment. Basically guide them from the very beginning to the very end, and keep supporting them.

2. Our standard referral fee is 5%-3%-1%, but for you we will make it 2 times higher - 10%-3%-1%(and even 4 times higher 20%-3%-1%). Just imagine how much money you can make off every investor you involve.

3. We will place your information on our website, your name, address, and phone number. So in case someone would be interested in your area - they will call you and you will guide them through.

To apply - simply send us an e-mail with the following information:
Your full name as it appears on your ID
Your location(country/city)
Your phone number to display on our website
Your age and education level(optional):

Looking forward to applications. Please keep in mind that we have a right to reject an application without any further explanation.