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Customer's information
Icon time15 Jul
Dear customer.

Because the yahoo.com and hotmail.com mail services have recently been having problems delivering e-mails, we recommend you use gmail.com to communicate with us. If you do, we are 100% sure that our mail will reach you.
Thank you.
Ghana representative has been added
Icon time13 Jul
Ghana representative has been added.
You can find his contact details at:
We are with you!
Icon time 3 Jun
Starting from today we will transfer 50% of our earnings to #blacklivesmatter foundation.
We are with you!
Attention. Oxis Group is Hiring.
Icon time29 May
Good evening everyone, or good afternoon, or maybe it's the night time for some. The reason we address you in such a manner is because we want to reach all residents through out the world with a great opportunity to earn large amounts of money. Just recently we have developed a program that will help you to be involved into expanding Oxis Group clients base. Opportunity offers 10-3%-1%(up to 20%-3%-1%) from every investor, just in your pocket. As you may already guessed it is a "Regional Representative" position, that you have all rights to participate in if you feel confident and qualified. Please take a look at some advantages and responsibilities...
OXIS GROUP 15th Week 2020
Icon time 7 Apr
In the 15th week of 2020, the Oxis Group specialists, based on the results of an analysis of our intellectual system, modeled the vector of economic development in a pandemic.
Based on this analysis, an investment strategy was formed. At the same time, the main investment markets remain the same; only certain priority sectors have been adjusted. In the Forex market, our analysts prefer traditional currency pairs, and cryptocurrency trading stands out in a separate direction, as the most promising.
Any help is welcome.
Icon time23 Jan
Starting this month, 25% of the profits from all transactions will be transferred to independent pharmacological laboratories as part of financial aid intended for developing a vaccine against covid-19.
Christmas and New Year working Schedule
Icon time 5 Dec
Dear Investors! Please pay your attention on our working schedule during Christmas and New Year holidays.
We have NON-trading days DEC 24-27, DEC 31, JAN 1-3
Deposits and withdrawal requests are processed as usual even on holidays and week-ends
Regular trading and profit calculation will be started from JAN-6.
We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Security Warning
Icon time12 Jun
It has come to our attention that some websites starts to promote their services under our name.We have no relation to their websites and we have no idea why they did so.
Please ALWAYS use our correct website address http://www.oxisgroup.com
Also, we would like to remind everyone that OxisGroup.com website is using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), as one of the advanced security features of our Investment Services . To make sure that your connection is secure, please ALWAYS check that there is a golden padlock icon shown in your Internet Browser, when navigating your account through our website.
Official Company Holidays
Icon time 5 Dec
Dear customers! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Due to the holidays we have the following official non-trading days.
24-25 December 2018 Christmas Holidays
31 December 2018 New Year Holiday
Also, non trading days will be on 01-04 January 2019 due to the low market activity and increased (2-3%) margin requirements these days.
We start our trading activity as usual on JAN/05/2019
All deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly as usual In accordance with our Terms of Service no interest is paid on these days.
Unique offer
Icon time28 Nov
OxisGroup is expanding its activity into private sector by establishing publicly available website at OxisGroup.com. Any verified individual investor may now benefit from time proven OxisGroup's high yield returns on investments, with as little as $1000.
Low fees and security
Icon time 5 Sep
OxisGroup is introducing low fees, secure and internationally available methods for depositing and withdrawing funds to and from user accounts.
Use of the digital currency payment processor services, such as those offered by BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, PerfectMoney and Payeer will allow investors to save significantly on otherwise high bank wire transfer fees and to provide maximum flexibility for their accounts operations. The minimum required to participate in company investment activities is now reduced to $10.